Thinking that they won't choose you is what is completely insane!


I was just speaking to a client and we were laughing about the "good old days" before she realized how powerful she is.
When she thought it was up to someone or something else.
Now,  she understands that she is the only decision making power in her world and it shows.
The moment this woman has a desire, Mountains Move For Her.
An amount of money? It pops into her account like nothing (she recently had her first $200k month).
A man to show up in a specific way? BAM! In he comes, changing his mind on a dime and giving her everything she wants.
She is a force to be reckoned with, and it isn't because she is doing the most - she's learned to do the least and have the most instead.
Just like another client of mine who's husband went from acting distant to worshipping the ground that she walks on.
Or another client who's ex came back with bells on all while she was living it up, meeting even more ideal men. She got to have her pick!
Listen, you know that you have manifested every single relationship you've ever been in...
And to think that "they" have any independent say over whether you are Chosen, or the prize or the woman of every man's dreams, or the woman they move mountains for is in fact insane in the membrane.
If you don't get this yet, it means they've lured into the dark side, where you've forgotten that you have all of the power in your world.
Let me welcome you back into the light - where everything always happens for you, and it happens fast.
You want them to choose you? DONE! (And this is just the beginning).
This is exactly what you will experience in my live Masterclass - Chosen - Mountains Will Move For You.
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Pamela xx


I Am Ready To Be Chosen

Meet Your Guide Into The Depths

Pamela Horner AKA The Awakened Aphrodite is a Master Hypnotherapist and Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming, Tantric practitioner and creator of Feminine Dominance.

After working with Celebrity influencers, Therapists and multi-million dollar earning entrepreneurs she decided to focus her energy on empowering heart connected, intuitive, female entrepreneurs wanting to create real impact in the world.

What she found was that a lot of these women cared so much and yet they weren't calling in the wealth or relationships that they truly desired and were always accepting less than.

It has become her mission to change that via her methodology - Feminine Dominance which is a call into the deepest feminine power and strength that exists on the planet. She lives to teach women how to create and claim the wealth and love of their wildest dreams with pure confidence and ease.

Being in her space is an experience that will transform your life forever.

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