You are ready for next level self-mastery and instant manifestation..


When you devote yourself to your desires, everyone and everything around you shifts to give you everything you've ever wanted

You are powerful and you know it.

And you are ready to have ALL of exactly what you want versus feeling like you have to settle for second best.

Say No More, I Am Ready To Activate My Feminine Energy & Dominance x100 💦💦💦

You are the woman who wants to be Devoted to...

You crave that deeper level of commitment and intimacy

And you want it to pay off in dividends in both love and business…

And YOU are ready to face yourself in a new way in this space…

YOU are ready to devote yourself to your heart and bank account in a whole new way.

When you learn how to tap into your Feminine Dominance, everything changes.

You start receiving more with ease.

Dominance is not about:

❌ control and manipulation
❌ “getting” things from people
❌ being aggressive and unruly
❌ greed, isolation and disconnected selfishness

Dominance is about:
✅ taking risks in the name of win win situations
✅ being the person who goes first in order to create more love
✅ holding discomfort for all people involved with a larger pay off being the win for everyone (more wealth, more transformation, more love)
✅ becoming the person who easily holds more love and wealth with a cackling pleasure and openness

This is the program you’ve been waiting for if you are truly ready to change your thoughts and beliefs about who you are and what you deserve in your life.

It won’t always be easy but it will be worth it (and we can start making it feel very easy for you at the same time).

Using deep, rewiring hypnosis, your mind will begin to form new neural pathways in as you commit to a strict mental diet within this program.

This is going to change everything for you, I promise.

Pamela xx

Devoted Is Calling Your Name And You Are So Ready...


You are ready to stop feeling confused and anxious or reactive in business and love. You are ready to feel turned on all of the time and have men and money melt in your hands like honey waiting to be lapped up by your sexy kitten lips.


The world is your playground and it's time to act like it.


Humaning and womaning is hard af when everything is devoid of turn on and filled with the vibrations of anal clenching seriousness. No more, no thank you, it's time to open your heart and your pussy to receiving SO MUCH MORE in life in love and business. 

Say No More, I Am Ready To Activate My Feminine Energy & Dominance x100 💦💦💦
Stop Teasing & GIVE IT TO ME Already 😂

Meet Your Guide Into The Depths

Pamela Horner AKA The Awakened Aphrodite is a Master Hypnotherapist and Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming, Astrologer, Tantric practitioner and teacher of Feminine Dominance.

After working with Celebrity influencers, Therapists and multi-million dollar earning entrepreneurs she decided to focus her energy on empowering heart connected, intuitive, female entrepreneurs wanting to create real impact in the world.

What she found was that a lot of these women cared so much and yet they weren't calling in the wealth or relationships that they truly desired and were always accepting less than.

It has become her mission to change that via her methodology - Feminine Dominance which is a call into the deepest feminine power and strength that exists on the planet. She lives to teach women how to create and claim the wealth and love of their wildest dreams with pure confidence and ease.

Being in her space is an experience that will transform your life forever.

Who This Is For:

  • Badass Queens looking for the next level of support in their loves lives & businesses
  • You know that you create your life (which is scary) but you are ready to create the life, love and business you want
  • You are ready to be a rich & well respected and also deeply loved and pursued 
  • You are ready to be radically honest in love & be loved fully for YOU
  • You are a disrupter and ready to blow shit up and do things your way & have it work
  • You are READY to finally let go, be uncomfortable (AKA you're a little kinky) and allow yourself to be truly supported by your lover(s) and business and clients in a whole new way
  • You are a turned on pu$$y Queen and you know that your sexual energy has the potential to skyrocket your life and business in ways that feel like pure magic

Who This Is Not For:

  • If you can't let go of control and insist on doing everything yourself
  • You can't take radical responsibility for where you are currently at
  • You are comfortable with making "enough" money
  • You think that there are no good men or women left in the world and are really just trying to get by/survive
  • You keep wanting exact formulas for dating & success versus doing the deeper inner work 
  • You like comfort better than what exists beyond that and have no desire to confront your own constant discomfort
  • Making more money and creating deeper impact doesn't turn you on

We begin Dec 13 @ 2 pm EST 11 am Pacific


What You Get:

6 weeks together with weekly LIVE Q&A calls (1 hour calls) Every Tuesday at 2 pm est 11 am pacific with one integration week

6 Modules packed with the juciest secrets around all things seduction, feminine energy, power, influence, transforming your attraction and asking for and getting whatever the fuck you want


Facebook support where you get support from Pamela and the other Queens around all of the things you need to transform your love life and business (this is invaluable, trust me)

Constant rewiring, reprogramming hypnosis in every call and in every piece of bonus content

Additional resources and mystery bonuses (I know I'm such a tease, but I love surprises, don't you?)

Make Me The Queen Of Manifestation Right NOW!!! 💦💦💦

What makes this so different?


The reason that you don't have what you desire is because of WHO you are being and it's that simple.

And let's face it you desire to be different (read: more of who you truly are beneath the programming and fear).

We want more of you and your flavor and this will teach you how to become a new more powerful more relaxed more commanding version of you.

The version of you that drips with seduction and invitation to so much more.

The version of you that screams "worship me, honor me, pleasure me, value me, see me, feel me, come closer, pursue me".

And this comes from activating your Feminine Energy and also your Dominant energy.

Feminine Energy is taught as SUBMISSION and that becomes a problem when we are talking about creating your life. I believe that this is because these teachings are perpetuated by men with very specific biases which sadly perpetuate disempowered states in women where they are waiting to be lead versus learn ing how to lead in ways that feel to others like the juiciest adventure they've ever been invited into.

If you know that you are ready to say yes to radically transforming your life and business in the next 12 weeks and beyond, then click below to secure your throne and place inside of the Palace.

Questions? Email me at [email protected] or DM me on Instagram

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