Feminine Dominance: How To Train Your Man

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Men LOVE a challenge - it is a part of their primal makeup. When they aren't being challenged they feel depressed, bored and ALONE in your relationship and in the world.

The thing that every man wants more than anything in the world is for you to really understand him - his mind his needs and how he works. But he has been conditioned by society to feel extreme shame in asking for his deepest needs to be met by others - especially his partner. In fact, he is taught that desiring to have his needs met by others puts him at risk of being compromised in life, love and success. And so he hides and eventually "accepts" that he will always have to hide parts of himself in order to feel loved and accepted. Inside of that game he has been taught to play with us, we all end up losing.

When you learn how to train your man, he finally begins to feel like he knows how to please you, like he can win with you and secure enough to finally let his guard down and relax inside of your relationship in a way that most people will never get to experience.

Between the two of us, you can stop pretending that you don't want the super secret seduction based training manual for exceptional men

Because I want you to want it even MORE - in fact the more that you want to understand your man is the better a partner you get to be and the more attractive you become to him, so embrace it!!


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It's time you learned how to truly make your man feel like a King while getting everything you ever wanted in the process

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