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The Queens Coven Mistressmind Is Calling Your Name...

This is the part where you say yes to the magic, sisterhood and your deepest souls work and most importantly: it's time that you say yes to receiving SO MUCH MORE MONEY.

Yes, this is where you say yes to showing up fully, doing the work and finally allowing in all of the rewards that we both know you deserve, Queen.

When you say yes to joining the Queens Coven Mistressmind you are saying yes to the deepest wealth and power activation that you have ever experienced, all while feeling held, supported, seen, loved and guided, surrounded by feminine genius.

***VERY Limited space available, application only. We begin January 10 2022

A very select few of you are invited to join The Queens Coven Mistressmind... You will be one of a small group Badass Queenpreneurs ready to have consistent 10k/20k/30k months and beyond. 

This is for you if you've tried all of the things but you're overworking and everything just feels fucking hard.

This is for you if you are ready for it to be super easy and you are willing to face your own discomfort and show up fully for your souls work.

This is for you if you want a community and space that you can exist in which cultivates your connection to heart, soul, power, magic, money and erotic remembrance.

This is for you if you want to tap into your own inner Feminine Dominance and take your love life and business to the next level of success and depth.

This is for you if the thought of making more money makes you want cum over and over again, forever and ever Awoman.

Meet Your Guide Into The Depths

Pamela Horner AKA The Awakened Aphrodite is a Master Hypnotherapist and Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming, Astrologer, Tantric practitioner and teacher of Feminine Dominance.

After working with Celebrity influencers, Therapists and multi-million dollar earning entrepreneurs she decided to focus her energy on empowering heart connected, intuitive, female entrepreneurs wanting to create real impact in the world.

What she found was that a lot of these women cared so much and yet they weren't calling in the wealth or relationships that they truly desired and were always accepting less than.

It has become her mission to change that via her methodology - Feminine Dominance which is a call into the deepest feminine power and strength that exists on the planet. She lives to teach women how to create and claim the wealth and love of their wildest dreams with pure confidence and ease.

Being in her space is an experience that will transform your life forever.

You will be part of a magical AF group of VIP Queenpreneurs looking to uplevel how they do love, life and business. You are ready to own your power & dive into so much pleasure that people barely recognize you. You are ready to do the work, be held accountable *spank spank* and get shocking results. 

This is a six month stay in the Palace for a select number of Queens ready to take things to a level beyond their logical next level.

You will have weekly calls including two calls per month of 1:1 hotseat coaching and covering all things necessary to amp up your business, income and pleasure.

This is going to get you into effective action (taking the theory onto the playing field) so that you can see the results that you want in love and business.

You are ready to be paid and loved so well and you are over taking course after course and still not seeing the results that you want.

You really don't feel like taking another program (hello distraction!) but you KNOW you need that next level of support and that it is the game changer you have been secretly craving.

You want to work with someone who gets how hard and lonely it can be sometimes, who sees your magic and gold and worth and leads you towards greatness with ease and pleasure.

You want to do business and love your way and you're over trying to fit into other people's boxes (ughhhh).

You know you are a Queen and you can see yourself running your business, making pleasurable profits and having the most yummy love in your life (that's why you think about it constantly, because it's sooo possible).

You want to be connected with other Queens on the same mission and have lifelong partners in crime who encourage high level thinking and living.

Your heart is so big and you want to help people, love people and earn money so that you can create change in the world.

You've tried doing things the way that other people have told you to do them and it just isn't working. You've watched all of the videos, taken the courses, gotten the advice and you need to know that this will actually pay off for you. That is exactly why you need this and how it is different - this is about pure erotic action yum yummmmm.

What's the investment? $7,000 for 6 months, $6500 Pay In Full Savings or $1167.00/month for 6 months, or $584/month for 12 months

I invite you into the goal of doubling, tripling your investment and if you are a real badass look at 10x your investment here or more.


I am so ready for this, save my throne!!

Who This Is For:

  • Badass Queenpreneurs looking for the next level of support in their loves lives & businesses
  • You know that you create your life (which is scary) but you are ready to create the life you want
  • You are ready to be a rich & well respected Queen
  • You are ready to be radically honest in love & be loved fully for YOU
  • You are a disrupter and ready to blow shit up and do things your way & have it work
  • You are READY to finally let go, be uncomfortable (AKA you're a little kinky) and allow yourself to be supported
  • You are a turned on pu$$y Queen and you know that your sexual energy has the potential to skyrocket your life and business in ways that feel like pure magic

Who This Is Not For:

  • If you can't let go of control and insist on doing everything yourself
  • You can't take radical responsibility for where you are currently at
  • You are comfortable with making "enough" money
  • You think that there are no good men or women left in the world and are really just trying to get by/survive
  • You keep wanting exact formulas for dating & success versus doing the deeper inner work 
  • You like comfort better than what exists beyond that and have no desire to confront your own constant discomfort
  • Making more money and creating deeper impact doesn't turn you on

What You Get:

6 months of weekly calls (with one week off each month) 

2 calls per month are hot seat coaching calls where you get 10 minutes 1:1 with Pamela 

3 of the calls per month are content/Q&A designed to fine tune your skill set in love, business and creation

Facebook support where you get support from Pamela and the other Queens around all of the things you need to transform your love life and business (this is invaluable, trust me)

Constant rewiring, reprogramming hypnosis in every call and in every piece of bonus content

Additional resources and mystery bonuses (I know I'm such a tease, but I love surprises, don't you?)

An entire library of bonus videos with all of my juciest content ideas, sales and mindset hypnotic transformations. $2999 value for free

Save My Throne!!!

What makes this so different?

The reason that you haven't seen your results manifest into your 3D awareness is simple: you haven't been doing the right things, or maybe you have been doing the right things but something is off and the smallest tweaks will allow the income to flow in. 

This Mistressmind is so different than anything that you've ever experienced because it combines the power of deep, rewiring, reprogramming hypnosis (constantly) with intuitive guidance along with real world techniques that work. These are techniques that have grown multi-million dollar businesses and beyond.

Not only will you grow your business, your intuition, feminine energy, strength, power, tenderness and ability to call in love will naturally transform at the same time.

This is about becoming a completely different version of you versus simply improving on who and what you have now, all in the best of ways.

This is not for everyone, this is for those who are ready for radical transformation.

If you know that you are ready to say yes to radically transforming your life and business in the next 6 months and beyond, then click below to secure your throne and place inside of the Palace.

Questions? Email me at [email protected] or DM me on Instagram

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