Become the woman who 10x's her income with ease.

Join me for 6 weeks live and master the art of turned on wealth. Watch as this energy drips into your love life in ways that will make you magnetic AF.


Imagine feeling confident in knowing how to 10x your income while doing way less.


Imagine being so in love with your business and clients that it radiates out from you into irresistible magnetism.


When you understand that the power isn't in what you do, your entire world changes.


You become the woman who leans back, does way less and has way more.


You experience money showing up out of nowhere.


You experience overflow in every single way.


But first, you have to be willing to let go of the idea that efforting or working harder is the key.


You have to realize that it's who and how you're being.


When you become the woman that magnetizes money, your income 10x's.


When you allow yourself to feel turned on and lit up in this, you become unrecognizable, unstoppable and wildly attractive too.



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Meet Your Guide Into The Depths

Pamela Horner AKA The Awakened Aphrodite is a Master Hypnotherapist and Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming, Tantric practitioner and creator of Feminine Dominance.

After working with Celebrity influencers, Therapists and multi-million dollar earning entrepreneurs she decided to focus her energy on empowering heart connected, intuitive, female entrepreneurs wanting to create real impact in the world.

What she found was that a lot of these women cared so much and yet they weren't calling in the wealth or relationships that they truly desired and were always accepting less than.

It has become her mission to change that via her methodology - Feminine Dominance which is a call into the deepest feminine power and strength that exists on the planet. She lives to teach women how to create and claim the wealth and love of their wildest dreams with pure confidence and ease.

Being in her space is an experience that will transform your life forever.

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